When first starting out it can seem so daunting, there are so so many choices such as correspondence (Te Kura), unlearning etc... below I have included some resources and links that may help you on your journey - good luck!


Good Tutors

For online and in person tutoring in Maths and English (we use the in person option and its awesome)



Functional Education.com

A great website providing not only online homeschool curriculum (you need to enrol) but also great information how to start your homeschooling journey here in NZ, including a step by step guide on filling out an exemption and your legal obligations.



NCHENZ (National Council of Home Educators)

A really great organisation with heaps of resources to help you on your way.  Membership is free and provides support for Home educators no matter what  that looks like for you.  As a member you are also eligible for different courses for your children that are not available to just anyone, such as Banqer High and more.



Te Kura (formally NZ Correspondence School)

This is the path my family has taken providing a more structured curriculum, online classes and teachers along with the opportunity to attend prize givings etc... There are different routes you can take either subsidised (if you qualify) or paid.




Homeschool New Zealand - face book

Homeschooling New Zealand - face book

Homeschooling Connection Group - face book

Example Exemptions (NZ)


The Exemption - Angela Rowe



Links to help with filling out exemption form



Homeschool Pick ' n' Mix





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