Published on 3 April 2024 at 16:46

DEAR DIARY...Today we embarked on an adventure - some may say wild some would say brave others (probably more accurately) bonkers: Homeschooling our daughter.  Why on earth would you want to do this you ask?  Well, grab a coffee take a seat and buckle in while I regale you with the chaos that followed.

Picture this if you will:  Our girl was busy trying to navigate the treacherous waters of middle school (year 7) where grotty little bullies lurk around every corner like over-caffeinated trolls.  It was like the poor girl had stumbled into a scene from Mean Girls, but without the catchy soundtrack!  The poor kid couldn't catch a break without some little snot wanting to ruin her day in some way either verbally or physically (let it be known here that the main culprit was a boy - just saying).

And lets not forget the education standards.  What a shemozzel! It was like the curriculum was designed by someone who thought the quadratic formula was a type of yoga pose!  And the teacher? Well lets just say she would do well to research the lessons she cobbled together off the internet before unleashing said 'lesson' onto the class.  Our daughter was learning more from You Tube than from her teachers at this point, bless their clueless hearts.

But fear not! For we swooped in like superheroes to rescue her from the clutches of mediocrity! Armed with textbooks, Google and a hefty dose of caffeine, we declared war on ignorance and bullying.  From now on, our dining room shall be the hallowed halls of learning and our dining table the epicentre of intellect!

So heres to homeschooling, dear diary, where everyday is a comedy of errors and every lesson a triumph over adversity (and if anyone learns anything at all an absolute fluke)!  Heres to embracing chaos and turning it into knowledge, heres to keeping our daughter safe and most importantly heres to never having to endure another Parent / Teacher 'conference again!


Yours in homeschool insanity


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